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Mike Birbiglia

  • 92 minutes
  • 2016

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  • Friday September 23
  • 6pm and 8pm
  • Sunday September 25
  • 2pm and 4pm
  • Monday September 26 - Wednesday September 28
  • 6pm

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For eleven years, an improv group called The Commune has reigned as the big fish in the small pond of their New York improv theater. Commune members Miles, Samantha, Jack, Allison, Bill and Lindsay invent comedy without a script and without a net. They’re ingenious, they’re fast, and they build on each others’ ideas like best friends – which they also are. Night after night they kill onstage and wait for their big break. Day after day they work menial jobs to support themselves. Then they get news that their theater is shutting down, and scouts from a hit TV show come to a performance looking for talent. Only two cast members get the nod, upsetting the dynamic of the group and leaving its future in doubt. Relationships begin to crack as six best friends face the truth that not all of them will make it, and for some, it may be time to give up on the dream and move on.

Funny, insightful and honest, DON’T THINK TWICE looks at a common experience that’s an uncommon subject for a film: failure. As he did in his acclaimed debut about a stand-up comedian, SLEEPWALK WITH ME, writer/director/actor Mike Birbiglia captures universal human experiences that happen in the lives of professional funny people. From the creator of THIS AMERICAN LIFE and with a top-flight ensemble of comic actors including Keegan-Michael Key, Gillian Jacobs, Kate Micucci, Chris Gethard, Tami Sagher and Birbiglia, DON’T THINK TWICE tells a nuanced story of friendship, aspiration and the pain and promise of change.



  • NOON - 2PM
  • 3pm
  • 6pm
  • 9:30pm

Art House Theater Day celebrates the art house theater and the cultural role it plays in a community. It is a day to recognize the year-round contributions of film and filmmakers, patrons, projectionists, and staff, and the brick and mortar theaters that are passionately dedicated to providing access to the best cinematic experience.

The Pageant Theater is pleased to be part of the Art House Theater Day celebration with exclusive film screenings that you will only be able to see on Art House Theater Day at participating theaters. We will also have special film ephemera and other exclusive items to giveaway and other surprises to look forward to on September 24! We hope you can join us!



Lizzy Borden

  • 90 minutes
  • 1983

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Join us as we partner with our friends AK PRESS to present a new ongoing film series SUBVERSIVE CINEMA! Bold and daring in 1983, and just as radical in 2016, the proto-Riot Grrrl classic BORN IN FLAMES broke new ground in the world of feminist filmmaking—and beyond. In what was only her second feature, writer-director Lizzie Borden (Working Girls) crafted a futuristic storyline set in in an alternative New York City, BORN IN FLAMES is a feminist telling of the injustices plaguing society after a socialist revolution. Of course, the “revolution” has actually changed very little in regards to the state or social order.

The film centers on two factions of women, each with their own pirate feminist radio station; Honey (Honey), a soft-spoken black announcer who runs the Phoenix Radio Station, and the angrier, white Isabel (Adele Bertei), who runs Radio Ragazza. When a fellow activist, Adelaide Norris (Jean Satterfield), is arrested and dies in police custody, a respected elder, Zella (Flo Kennedy), calls for swift retaliation. Initially, neither Honey nor Isabel wants to join Zella’s Women’s Army, but after both of their radio stations are burned down they combine forces and unite with the Army. Borden charts the explosive coming together of the women as they forge their own liberation, handling her story with audacity and making even the driest argument crackle with humor, while the more poignant moments burn with a fierce white heat.

Beautifully made and swift-moving, fusing documentary and dramatic sequences, this challenging, provocative film is a work that is both humanist and revolutionary. Born in Flames deserves its legendary status and still has the power to challenge, confront, and capture the imagination of its audience. Highly recommended!


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Mike Mease, who has spent more than two decades working on the front lines organizing the defense of America's last wild bison will share stories and video footage from his bison protection work along the Yellowstone boundary. He will be joined by the talented and inspired musician Mignon Geli.

Congress and President Obama designated the bison as America's National Mammal in 2016. The Yellowstone bison are the only continuously wild, genetically intact bison in the country. Yellowstone National Park is the only place in America where wild bison have always existed. Despite their singularity and their National Mammal status, wild bison are imperiled by the politics of Montana's livestock industry. Currently numbering less than 5,000 individuals, Yellowstone bison are hazed, shot, our slaughtered when they attempt to follow their migratory instincts toward Montana.

Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC) is the only group working in the field, every day, to stop the slaughter and harassment of the last wild buffalo. The group uses video documentation, non-violent direct action, education, legal, and legislative work to change archaic laws targeting buffalo. Volunteers from around the world monitor and document threats to the buffalo, running patrols on skis, snowshoes and cars to defend buffalo on their traditional winter habitat and advocate for their protection.

This very special event features storytelling and video straight from the field along the Yellowstone border with BFC co-founder Mike Mease, along with Native Music from Mignon Geli.

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